Who runs the world? – Pizza, indeed!

Who runs the world? – Pizza, indeed!

Be it closer to the home, or a distance apart; true pizza lovers imprint pizzas at the core of their heart! After all, pizzas are one true soul mates of foodies all around the world, aren’t they?

A majority of the population around us thinks that pizzas were originally originated from Italy, which is quite a controversial topic, considering Greeks also have a history of making an edible plate (topped by spices, oil and dates) along with Roman’s narrow pizzas with a long edge, which were, back then, sold by meter. It is also said that Raffael Esposito (Baker), invented pizza.

Margherita pizza is one of the most relished ones, it was derived for the Queen of Italy in previous times, formed with the colours of Italian Flag, which further went on as the inventory of Modern Pizza (because before this modern invention of Margherita, pizza was more commonly known as ‘Peasant food’). Initially, the pizza was called names like flatbread with spices, tomato pie and what not. It was only later that it was officially named ‘Pizza”, as the pie-lovers thought it was not appropriate to tag it as a tomato pie.

It was the early 1900s (1905, to be specific), when Pizza made its debut in New York, America. Pizza Hut was started in 1958 first, in Kansas (Wichita), and look at it now, it is one of the biggest pizzerias! Pizza Hut was started by Frank and Dan Carney by borrowing six hundred dollars from their mother. (Pizza started catching major recognition in 1950 and was now in demand!)

1957 saw the rise of frozen and instant pizzas. And if we talk about the present scenario, the formerly ‘tomato pie’ is nailing it like nothing else and being delivered right on your doorstep; just like we do. We are flexible much to adapt according to your moods, that is, if you want to hang out and grab some fresh air, you can walk-in straight in our restaurant, which is one of the top restaurants in Amritsar. Or if you feel lethargic, which is very obvious, consider the chilly season, we will deliver at your home once you opt for our online food delivery in Amritsar!

Talking of the mouth-watering pizzas, one can distinguish them on a lot of bases and track down its evolution.

One of the categories on which a pizza can be differentiated is its base. If a pizza is flaunting a base which is four inches thick or around, it is most probably to be under the category of Chicago Style Pizzas. A Chicago style crust consists of a lot of toppings and is crumbly in texture. Whereas a New York Pizza is a complete antonym of Chicago Pizza. A New York styled crust is crisp, consisting an edge to it, and well, pretty thin! It is nowhere like of a Chicago Pizza.

If you can fold a pizza easily to cherish it better, it is bound to be a New York Pizza. You can also experiment with the slicing and serving methods when it comes to New York style, for instance, you can slice it into squares or cut it into triangular pieces etc., because it is comparatively more flexible and can be experimented with. Whereas, a Chicago pizza is not so flexible, not much experimenting is possible and hence, it is supposed to stay tuned to the old traditional way. New York style of pizzas can serve as the on-the-go snack, whereas, Chicago styled pizzas are more filling and heavy, they should be relished while maintaining a slow pace and devoting required time.

We bet foodies are hungry already! If you simply can’t resist the temptation, you might as well order from our online food delivery in Amritsar while you finish reading more about your ultimate love, i.e., pizzas!

Before you snack a pizza, there is a bit of exploration to be done, so wait, dearest foodie. There is more to come!

If you are someone who prefers making pizzas at home, which more than fine then you should be aware of passion going hand in hand with knowledge and skills to prepare a delectable pizza!

Lately, a lot many pizzas are introduced including Neapolitan Pizzas, Veg Pizzas, Chicken Chilly Pizzas etc. So you don’t really need to stick to one when you can try a variety of them instead!

You can call us up anytime while snuggling in your sheets and order through online food delivery in Amritsar and we will be happy to serve the former ‘Flatbread with spices’ and present ‘Pizza’!


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