Tips to plan a Corporate Event

Tips to plan a Corporate Event

Business is quite a tricky field to deal with, especially when it comes to the corporate sector. It takes years and years the reputation of your company in the industry from scratch, but you know what it requires to lose your hold on it? 3 seconds.

Yes, that is right. It is only a matter of seconds before you lose your impact on your clientele. planning corporate events is one of the ways to celebrate your company and to maintain a healthy clientele. Therefore, one needs to be really careful while planning it!

If you are worried about your corporate event’s success, these tips might help you in clearing your head and giving the event your best shot!

Networking Game Strong

While planning your event, you must always keep your networking game strong and take help from connections and different acquaintances to make the event a success. Networking would not only help you in the event planning but also help you to stay in touch with your peers!

Know your motto

You should be well aware of the motto of your corporate event. Corporate events can be hosted for many purposes, including a new amendment in company policy, to celebrate a success, to inform or educate etc. You need to be sure of your motive as further planning would be structured on your purpose for hosting the event!

Gear up with the basics

You should have a clear idea of how many guests are being invited, why are hosting an event, what will be the venue, how will your invitees commute, is the time and day convenient for a majority of people on your guest list etc. All these things should be at your fingertips to move on with the planning.

Budget bugs

Before the budget bugs start to bit and trouble you, you might as well want to keep a track of the estimated expenditure and what range would suit different parameters and elements of the event.

Theme it maybe?

Giving a certain theme to your corporate event will make it more interesting for the invitees and your peers. They would love the fact that you actually took out some time to plan, structure and make the event enjoyable for everyone!

Catering comes first

Food is yet another essential factor which can please your guests in seconds. It can either give you more business or snatch the deals which you have in hand already. So to be super sure of the food, you must test it prior to the day of the event, so that you know the quality of food and how it is being prepared. You can either customise the menu or take suggestions from the caterer as they can help you better in setting the table.

Other things

After getting done with food, one should have a look at the cutlery and the serving dishes plus the cleanliness of the whole process, as it can deeply impact your invitees. Hygiene and staff are two major things you need to focus on. You need to have an estimate of the guests that you are expecting and then accordingly recruit the staff and event volunteers.

Activities on cards

You can keep fun games or various kinds of activities (try to keep them light and interactive) for your guests and they might have the best fun time at a corporate event. After all, Corporate events and fun are not supposed to be oxymorons, right?

Surprise tools

You can also incorporate surprise elements and tools such as videos, webinars, discussions etc. to keep the interests of your invitees piqued at all moments.

Venue decorations

Here comes the most important yet neglected part of planning a corporate event. Venue decorations play the role of a protagonist in your event and deserve to get more attention than most of the planners pay. Venue decorations for the corporate event can be themed or customised, but in any scenario, they should never look way over the top, they should always have a graceful vibe to it with a simplistic touch, to make it look a bit formal and for people to take you seriously.

Calendar the day

You also need to calendar the event and send a reminder to invitees regarding the same, which again is a tedious task, but an important one.

A corporate event should be relished by all, along with maintaining the rapport of the company and its clientele. It is necessary for one to see if they are fulfilling the needs and requirements of the guests and following up after the event too, as it would create a positive impact on them!

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