The Amritsari Brew!

The Amritsari Brew!

Punjabis have been infamous for a drink that’s supposed to keep their batteries charged. We know, all you folks have an idea of what we are talking about. But, this post is not about that popular fermented beverage. Any guesses on what we want to tell you about? Did you think Lassi? Well, no this is not about lassi too.

What we are going to tell you about is a brew that has the potential to rob your night’s sleep. It is a brew that has taken the world by storm since the time it was first discovered. And, all the major cafes in the world mint money in its name. Now you got it right, the coffee. Coffee is a magic drink that holds the power to convert a dull day into a productive one. It is a drink that with no amount of alcohol content, gives you a high.

You might have had glasses of lassi and chaach in Amritsar; but if you hadn’t have coffee in the best restaurants in Amritsar, you haven’t tasted Amrit yet! Some of the popular food places in Amritsar serve some amazing brews with the perfect desi sides. The coffee here is so good that you will ditch Starbucks and CCD to grab this cuppa. The famous restaurants in Amritsar will serve you a brew, you would come back for, every time.

Coffee is an innocent drink that enriches the flavour of anything it gets mixed with; be it cold milk, hot milk, cakes or ice creams. Coffee gives everything a flavour that is hard to resist. And, the coffee lovers reading this post would agree to this. A perfect cup of coffee has the power to change your mood all around. The south Indian filter coffee has won accolades for decades and we agree there is no match for it. But, our very own north Indian coffee is nowhere behind in line.

Any mention of north Indian food drives us to Chola-Bhatura or Matar-Kulcha; similar is the case with coffee. Any mention of coffee in the region would make you drive to Amritsar with no regrets.

We recently surveyed a few tourists in Amritsar to get to know about their best cuppa in the region. And, the Amritsar ki coffee won unanimously. It is quite evident now that the best restaurants in Amritsar not only serve the best chicken but also some amazing coffee.

Winter is already setting in and all you need now to cosy up is a nice cup of your favourite brew. To experience the varied flavours of coffee, try the popular food places in Amritsar. And, when you are done with the tasting and trying, head over to Bemisaal for the perfect cuppa to make your day. Bemisaal is one of the famous restaurants in Amritsar that serves some delicious snacks to make the best partner with your coffee. Not only the best chicken in Amritsar but the best cup of coffee is also found here.

Here are a few fun facts about coffee to make every coffee lover’s day:

Instagram loves coffee

Coffee is undoubtedly the most loved beverage to have ever existed. But the love for coffee is not limited to only tables. Coffee is one of the most Instagrammed items; being Instagrammed about 29 million times already. If there is any beverage that is photogenic, it is coffee.

Coffee gives you a high

Coffee doesn’t only take your sleep away, it is also capable of making you see things if taken in high doses. Coffee is an obsessed lover, it is cute when in right amount but once the level increases it can make you go crazy. Don’t worry, you need to drink at least 100 cups of coffee in a go before it kills you.

Marijuana and coffee

Well, there is a way to brew marijuana with coffee but obviously, we are not going to tell that here. The brew obtained by brewing coffee with marijuana is known as a “dreamy” kind of coffee buzz. It is as good to read about as it would be to drink it.

Cat poop coffee is the world’s most expensive coffee

The world’s most expensive coffee costs between $35 to $100 a cup. The coffee is called Kopi Luwak which is a special Vietnamese coffee. The coffee is produced from the coffee beans which have been eaten by a certain Indonesian cat-like animal called the palm civet. The cat then digests the beans and the beans are later separated from its poop. This is the reason it is also called cat poop coffee.

We hope you will enjoy your coffee more after reading these fun facts. Anyway, we do not serve the cat poop coffee here in Amritsar. So, go ahead and try an amazing cup of coffee in one of the best restaurants in Amritsar.

Hail Coffee!

Bemisaal is one of the best fine dining restaurants in Amritsar, and you are sure to have some amazing food experience.

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