Thank You for Making Us Biryani Experts in Amritsar

Thank You for Making Us Biryani Experts in Amritsar

A big thanks to all the foodies out there for making us the Biryani Experts in Amritsar. It is an honour for us to be called so and we promise to never let you down.

We count ourselves amongst the blessed folks to have received a stupendous amount of love from our customers, since the day we have opened our doors. And, we are extremely grateful for that. Bemisaal is a branch of Pappi Di Hatti that has been serving love in take-away boxes since 1984 and has received immense love from its customers. We are glad that we followed the right footsteps and are now here; being called the Biryani Experts in Amritsar.

Bemisaal is a fine dining restaurant in Amritsar that believes in serving sumptuous and quality food to its customers. We believe to have achieved a certain designation of food experts after satisfying the Punjabi palate; you can try us and we wouldn’t disappoint you.

At Bemisaal, you will find every cuisine in its best flavours. Our chefs work hard to curate not just food but an experience for the foodies who love celebrating their precious moments dining with us. We serve everything that Pappi Di Hatti delivers to satiate the customers’ taste buds. But, what has won the hearts of the Amritsaris is our Biryani spread out.

We take pride in the perfect blend of spices and aroma of our Biryanis. When a plate of Biryani (usually there a loads of plates) comes out from the kitchen and the aroma fills the room, you can actually hear people salivating. Our chicken Biryani is the talk of the town; you would find people licking their fingers while chewing on the chicken pieces dipped in aromatic flavours.

We not only master the art of Chicken Biryani but also serve Veg Biryani prepared with the same dedication. The vegetables are cooked to perfection with the flavours blended in artistically. You can experience the flavours in each grain of rice.

If you happen to be a non-Biryani lover, which happen to be a crime in the rule book of foodies, you would not be disappointed at Bemisaal. We serve some of the best starters in all of Amritsar. Be it a chicken specialty or a vegetarian nibble, we do them all with utter perfection. Our menu is filled with Indian, Chinese, and other fast food delicacies.

If you happen to be in Amritsar, give us some of your time and we would make it an unforgettable food experience for you. Taste is something that would drive you again and again to our dining area. With nominal prices and amazing food, Bemisaal aims to deliver you an experience that would keep your taste buds dancing with joy.

The love and support we have gained from the people of Amritsar are very precious to us and we owe to all to our dedicated crew that works hard to make us the best. We thank you lovely folks of Amritsar for showing us so much love and calling us the Biryani Experts. The Bemisaal team promises you to keep providing you with the best of food and dining experience.


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