Home Delivery

Home Delivery


At Your Doorstep

If you are a lazy-lazy Koala, who likes to stay warm and cosy at home but love food, then this one is for you.

We, as Bemisaal, provide you with food home delivery option. Remember those times, when you crave a certain dish or a food item but you are too lazy to make it or walk yourself to a restaurant? We deliver food right to your doorstep and vanquish your food cravings and temptations. We understand –

  • When you are exhausted and cannot cook
  • When you come home after a terribly tiring day
  • When it is an occasion to celebrate but you cannot go an extra-mile to toast happiness!

We totally get it. Life can be tiring at times. And for those times, we bring you food at your doorstep, to cheer you up, to brighten your dull days.

Bemisaal’s home delivery runs successfully In Amritsar. So the next time you feel like burying yourself in your couch and just relaxing while stuffing some delicious food, all you have to do is call and order, and we’ll be there at your service!

Minimum Order- ₹ 250/- (for civil line area)
Call on- +91-8054020111, +91-9855254371
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