Corporate Events

Corporate Events


Making It Happen

Arranging a bash for a corporate firm can be quite a thing to deal with. With all those gues and invitees entering and taking along with them an impression of your organization can definitely impact your company’s rapport in the industry. Formal suited men and women, gathering at one place, sounds like a thing! But managing the ambience and the facilities is the catch here.

Bemisaal now offers you corporate services which consist of creative and impactful concepts, catering services, tempting food and a perfect corporate vibe.

If you are thinking of strengthening your foothold in the field of your work, we will help you through it, because we understand how important it is to keep our clients, officials and customers happy. We value you and your needs!

The best name to look up to when arranging any corporate event is Bemisaal, create an impression and explore new opportunities with us.

What say, captain; Let’s set the sail, shall we?

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New Journey

Let's Do It Together

It might just be another function and food party for everyone else, but it is that one special day for the couple who’s getting married.

Tying and wrapping your love around the pious bond of a wedding is what makes it so special and we understand your feelings, we value it. We, as Bemisaal, offer you the best wedding services including:

  • The DJ who will set the stage on fire and turn your wedding “lit”, as it is preferred nowadays.
  • The food catering, as “khaana theek-thak hi tha” can be a depressing thing to hear on your wedding. Therefore, we will make sure people totally drool over the delectable choice, variety and quality of food at your wedding!
  • Decorations will be on our priority list. We will make it our mission to romance your wedding into the best decoration, glitters and accessories ever; from vibrant colours, combinations to eternal love for flowers- we would embellish it all for you.

Weddings are a once-in-a-lifetime event for a couple and we take care of them being exquisite and unforgettable!  

While you tie the knots with your beloved, we turn your event into an elegant success!

Want to rock your wedding the best way? Tune in with us and get ready to make it Bemisaal!!

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Private Party

Private Party


Rock & Roll

“Let’s party, come on everybody, let’s party!” Remember the song? Gives all party feel every time you hear it, right?

Bemisaal does that to you too. We give all the accurate party feels and make it grande, only if you make the right choice and tune in with us.

Private parties are an event which rejuvenates your life, so why not make them unforgettably hypnotic? We take the charge when it comes to welcoming your guests, serving them the best lip-smacking food they ever had and last and not the least, nourishing the ambience in a way that it looks mesmerising to the utmost extent.

Be it a birthday party, your anniversary, a baby shower or a let’s-just-party mode of yours, we are here to organise the best of both worlds and present them on a pate to you and your invitees!

are you all set to get the party animal aboard and throw the best bash ever? We are, too!

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Niche Party

Niche Party


With A Bang

If you are looking for a better clientele and being updated on latest developments and policies, a niche party would definitely crack the deal for you. And before you wonder who is going to help you set up the event; Bemisaal will.

We offer our high-profile customers and clients to get services for niche party and event arrangements. After all what better way to stay tuned for recent developments! You can chat and have discussions about the criteria left unattended by your competitors, while we make the party mind-boggling and hassle-free.

From food delicacies to a comfortable and eye-catching environment, we serve it all.

Ready to discuss some developments over a niche-party? Get in touch with us now and we’ll make sure you get no scenario to complain about!

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Home Delivery

Home Delivery


At Your Doorstep

If you are a lazy-lazy Koala, who likes to stay warm and cosy at home but love food, then this one is for you.

We, as Bemisaal, provide you with food home delivery option. Remember those times, when you crave a certain dish or a food item but you are too lazy to make it or walk yourself to a restaurant? We deliver food right to your doorstep and vanquish your food cravings and temptations. We understand –

  • When you are exhausted and cannot cook
  • When you come home after a terribly tiring day
  • When it is an occasion to celebrate but you cannot go an extra-mile to toast happiness!

We totally get it. Life can be tiring at times. And for those times, we bring you food at your doorstep, to cheer you up, to brighten your dull days.

Bemisaal’s home delivery runs successfully In Amritsar. So the next time you feel like burying yourself in your couch and just relaxing while stuffing some delicious food, all you have to do is call and order, and we’ll be there at your service!

Minimum Order- ₹ 250/- (for civil line area)
Call on- +91-8054020111, +91-9855254371
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Take Away Station

Take Away Station


On The Run

Our take away station, Pappi Di Hatti, is a well-established food platform for people who are on-the-go and are die-hard foodies!

In case you are running late on something or if you are not able to grab a seat at our restaurant, you can always opt for a faster way out, that would be, our take away station and relish your hot and delicious food!

With rapid facility and delectable food, we make sure our staff welcomes you with a warm and polite smile. Because that’s how we treat family, and you are our family!

So what say? Grab a bite on the run maybe?  We hope to see you soon at our take away station!

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