They see it rollin’, they lovin’!

They see it rollin’, they lovin’!

Welcome back to the world of delectable food, lovelies! Today we are much in the mood to talk about spicy slash yummy eatery, most commonly known as ‘Kathi roll’!

As the chain of best restaurants in Amritsar, we present you the innermost facts about the roll which are sure to make your tongue roll and buds rock like never before.

Kathi roll is most frequently stuffed vegetables rolled in a parantha, wrapped with apt spices and all due love!

The origin of the item goes back to Bengal, where they were initially called ‘Kati’ rolls rather than the evolved name in present times (Kathi rolls). Kathi rolls can be considered as the Indian version of a Frankie, maybe a type of burrito too!

The whole wheat wrap teeming with fresh and wholesome vegetables make the meal wholesome and even more desirable. The USP remains the originality and the touch of the culture of the country: Indian!

Kolkata began with the concept of these skewer based rolls, to be precise. Nizam restaurant was the first place to serve Kathi rolls, back in time. Some of the people from the era even say that when British ruled India, they were very specific of their hands not getting dirty or unhygienic in any way and this led to the modelling of Kati rolls!

The desi Frankies are paired with naan or rumali roti usually. There is quite a variety of rolls in the food market, mainly including egg roll, potato roll, mixed veggie roll, chicken roll, aloo roll etc.

The special Kathi rolls served by us include mushroom Kathi Kabab, veg Kathi Kabab, paneer Kathi roll and chicken Kathi roll.

You can walk into the best restaurants of Amritsar, us, at any given moment and witness the most heavenly pleasure in the world of food!

Kathi rolls are no more limited to the boundaries of India. In fact, they are travelling places including overseas, especially USA.

The cultural connection which once started as just another street dish is now touching hearts of millions across the globe.

To have a taste of the desi gone international dish, you can opt for our online delivery in Amritsar and dive in the ocean of unforgettable experience.

Food lovers might want to pay special attention and rush straight into one of the most famous restaurants in Amritsar, to witness the most Bemisaal meals ever!

One would definitely not want to miss having Kathi rolls from the top restaurants in Amritsar now, isn’t it?

But just in case, you feel lethargic to step outside and feel like making the Hindustani Frankie yourself, here you go!

Preparing Kathi rolls is not as tough as it seems to be. They are a real cakewalk if done with enough passion, perfect amount of spices and well, a lot of love for food.

If you are looking forward to making one soon, all you would require is whole wheat flour, some water and a pinch of salt to prepare the dough, try to keep it adequately intense. It shouldn’t be too soft or too hard for that matter. On the other hand, you would need some finely chopped veggies as stuffing for the rolls-to-be and spices including chat masala, green chilli, red chilli, oregano, a pinch of cardamom and salt, of course.

Veggies must be blended in spices and sauteed, if the need arises. Flatten the dough and roast it on a tawa with medium flame. Next just add the prepared filling and seal the wrap, there you go, all set with your Kathi rolls or desi Frankies, whatever you would prefer to name them. This snack is usually prepared at home for kids’ lunch and light meals as it is pretty easy to prepare and nonetheless tasty!

The yummylicious rolls can prove to be a saviour for the last-moment rushes and sudden family gatherings/ outings.

Lately, there are a lot of experiments going on with the rolls, for instance, preparing moong dal dough for the wrap or the gram flour getting in the picture etc. Regardless of the new propositions, classics (refer to our menu for more) remains to rule.

After sewing and rending every thread related to Bengal originated Kati Rolls, you are sure to feel rats racing up your stomach. If not on a large scale, there must be some temptations clawing the hearts of you foodies, urging you to just go for it.

So why wait any more? Stop restraining your cravings and go for Bemisaal’s best Kathi rolls ever. You can either step into our restaurant (one of the best dining restaurants in Amritsar, we assure you) or have at it as per your convenience by calling us at your doorstep by going for our online food delivery in Amritsar. Either way, you are going to have a good time if you are fond of delicious food!


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