Satiate Your Soul’s Hunger in Amritsar!

Satiate Your Soul’s Hunger in Amritsar!

Everyone these days see to be infected with the wanderlust virus and why not, it is such an amazing thing. What could be better than exploring new places, new cultures and new cuisines? It’s a traveller’s dream to backpack all around India and imbibe the most of its diverse culture.

Punjab is said to be the destination for anybody who wants to see the real India and it is true in every sense. From the beautiful yellow farms to some authentic Indian cuisine, from the traditionally dressed folks to some beautiful rivers, you will find everything in Punjab to quench the thirst of your wandering soul.

People also say that if you want to have the best chicken of your life, head to Amritsar; some of the best non-veg restaurants are here. Not just that some also say that the best veg restaurants in the country are also here. We have always heard people bragging about food referring to a lot of famous places to eat in Amritsar. But believe us guys the city is so much more than that.

Apart from being a food lover’s paradise, Amritsar is a haven for wanderers like us. The moment you set foot in the city, a whole lot of emotions come gushing towards you and you are grateful to have boarded the train that brought you here. Obviously, you would get the best non-veg food in the city to satiate your taste buds but you will also find solace you satiate your emotional hunger.

Some of our friends recently went tripping in Amritsar and here we are with a list of a few things that you can expect in Amritsar:

1- Peace

A visual treat to the eyes and sumptuous food for the soul, the Golden Temple has everything your heart craves for.  The Golden Temple, originally names as the Harminder Sahib, is a place of great beauty and supreme peace. In fact, the name Amritsar also comes from the ancient lake in the temple complex which means ‘pool of Amrit’. The most spectacular thing about this place is that it is open to all people from all faiths, castes, creed and colour; and that is what makes a true place for peacefulness. The mornings at the Golden Temple are extraordinarily beautiful with the sun just riding up the horizon and the melodious sounds of the Gurbani playing in the background; your soul needs nothing more.

The architecture of the temple is another striking feature. So, if you have time spend more than one morning in here. First, to just get some solace and another to wander around in the temple complex and appreciate its architecture.

2. Patriotism- wagha border

If you are in Amritsar this is one place you cannot afford to miss. Wagah border is the border crossing between India and Pakistan. Lahore is just 24 kms from the Wagah border that means if India and Pakistan were one country Lahore would have just merged with Amritsar. Well, that’s a hypothesis and in reality, the two countries are constantly at war. At Wagah, you can see the zeal and enthusiasm of the people brimming with patriotism. When the ceremony starts and the soldiers march towards the gates, your heart beats fast and you are sure to get goosebumps witnessing the display of patriotism by the people around you.  

3. Beauty

With vast yellow farms spread in and around the city, you are in for some visually appealing sights whilst in Amritsar. The yellow mustard farms all over Punjab give it a sublime appearance and anybody who has been here would agree. Moreover, the local streets, markets and people are all draped in beautiful colours to make the environment more festive and splendid. When you are in Amritsar, you must make it a point to visit the local markets, it is here that you experience the beauty of the city.

4. Foodgasm

As widely acclaimed, food in Amritsar is a bliss. With the local food ready to make your taste buds dance with joy, Amritsar offers some of the best non-veg restaurants to satisfy your craving for butter chicken. And, not just that some of the best veg restaurants are also here to please every food lover’s palate. While in the city, make sure to visit the famous restaurants in Amritsar; any local would be happy to guide you. Just ask and satiate that hunger for amazing food with some best dinner places in Amritsar.

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