Punjabiyaan Da Swag Wakhra!

Punjabiyaan Da Swag Wakhra!

What better start to 2018 than tastiest food ever?

If you want to end your present year right and start another with warmth and the right amount of spice, Punjabi food should be your choice.

Punjabi food is best known for its exotic flavour and spices. The ‘Changa-est’ food and the most ‘vadiya’ menu always consists of Punjabi cuisines! One of the reasons we prefer to inculcate Punjabi tadka in our restaurant as we lead the race of best restaurants in Amritsar! The chain of the best restaurants knows the significance of wakhra swaad in Punjabi food.

Welcoming the guests with Lassi is another Punjabi tradition which marks the beginning of the meal. At times, lassi is followed by papad and kababs as the starters, ultimately leading to a full-fledged main course meal, accompanied by sweets and traditional desserts.

If you want to identify a Punjabi in a group of many people, just name butter chicken or kadi chawal and observe who gets the most excited, one can place a blind bet that the person who pops first would be a Punjabi. Because food isn’t just food for them, it is very much their passion, their first love; to the extent that one can replace the term foodies with Punjabis!

Dal makhni, Sarson da saag and Makki ki roti! What better paradise than this! If you want to have a bite of this paradise, you are most welcome in Bemisaal: one of the best restaurants in Amritsar!

Celebrating Punjabi cuisines and welcoming the New Year, mentioned below are the best of Punjabi dishes to make you swoon over them all over again!

Tandoori Chicken:

Tandoori chicken, a dish best served with yaari i.e., friendship, some gossip and well, loads of spices and hari chutney!

Made in tandoor clay oven, the dish marks the best of Punjabi food items!

Skinless legs and thighs are marinated in a kneading blend of yoghurt, lemon squeeze, and flavours and the meat are cut deep down in a few spots helping the marinade enter and the chicken cook all the more rapidly.

The chicken gets its trademark red tint from either load of blazing chile or the expansion of red nourishment colour.

Dal Makhni:

The queen of dals, Dal makhani is one of the tastiest meals, making itself known from restaurants to dhabas, rules the hearts of many. We serve the best buttery lentil at Bemisaal, the best restaurant in Amritsar!

Crave it? – We are waiting!

Masala Chana:

Chickpeas cooked in blended in spices with a Punjabi touch will make you drool over their presence. The dish is not just famous in India but is quite a buzz in Pakistan too!

Punjabi delicacies are ruling the world, indeed!

Butter Chicken:

If you are surprised at the name of the dish and wondering there is a lot of ‘chicken’ in it, then you surely have no idea about the love that Punjabis nurture for chicken! The gravy dish is usually accompanied by rumaali roti or naan! No Punjabi delicacy is complete with ‘chicken’ in it, very clearly so!

Langar Dal:

How can one miss the famous Langar Dal! It is one hell of a dish in Punjabis! The name was originated after it started being served in Gurudwaras, but the real identity name of the dal remains urad chana.

Paneer Tikka:

For that unforeseen supper party, you can never turn out badly with these brisk, paneer nibbles. Delicate and delicate pieces of paneer, covered with a blend of masalas, flame broiled hot on sticks.


How can we leave the staple food of Punjab behind, when talking of the best! 

Be it a plain lachhedar parantha or a stuffed one, paranthey suit every season and occasion!

Be it potatoes, onions, curds, keema to more current variations like container gourd, mangoes and nearly anything you could envision! Furthermore, similar to a roti, it doesn’t need to be round so you can make it at home without being insulted about making a ‘world guide’ for the sake of sustenance!

Rajma Chawal:

Rajma chawal is famous all across in India, red kidney beans get the most attention!

They taste the best when made by Maa, but we at Bemisaal, try our best to get that special homely touch. To get the feel of homely Rajma, you can order them at your doorstep too, as we now offer Online food delivery in Amritsar.

Sarson ka Saag:

The green fields, the khet, all yell just one word ‘Sarson’, which further contributes to making the world famous dish Sarson ka Saag! With slight bitter taste yet delectable qualities, the dish is crowned as the king of all Punjabi dishes. Bein a winter favourite, it is relished most from November to February! Sarson ka saag doesn’t walk the aisle alone, it is paired with the perfect round Makki ki roti (made from the fusion of cornflour and gram flour).


Rocking the dessert menu of all times, Halwa a.k.a Karma Prasaad hypnotises people from all over the world.

This dish of the nourishment of Punjab is a standout amongst other things which you’ve ever tasted, particularly on an icy morning in a Gurudwara. Made with the rise to bits of sooji or semolina, margarine and sugar, it’s a dish that shouts love and friendship, much like your mom does.

The Golden Temple being the most acclaimed for this, it is served up in all different gurdwaras and in addition made in Punjabi family units on unique events. In the event that you need to demonstrate somebody, you adore them, make them a sprinkling of this liberal halwa, a genuine work of adoration!

Eating them all fresh and hot is suitable, but if it isn’t convenient for you to visit a restaurant or cooking at home, you have the luxury to order it all at your comfort and convenience through our Online food delivery in Amritsar!

With loads of ghee, spices and love, Punjabi food awaits to embrace and indulge you!  Because if you haven’t tasted Punjabi cuisines, you haven’t tasted life!


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