Punjabi Fish Cuisines

Punjabi Fish Cuisines

What can be better than a delicious and spicy dose of Vitamin E and proteins in your plate and on your palate?

The smell of cinnamon and chillies with a mouthwatering puff of exotic species and citrus, all soaked up in a white fish! Yes, we are talking about, nothing but the best non-veg food in Amritsar! We are talking about Punjabi seafood, that leaves your taste buds awestruck until the next meal.

Punjabi food traditions are so overwhelming that one will never feel left out while eating. Punjabis serve with love and serve more than enough for a person’s need! Naturally, when it comes to food Punjabis are known for serving the most delicious and flavour drenched dishes all across the world and when it comes to serving fish, they serve wholeheartedly! The best non-veg food in Amritsar can only be found in the top restaurants in Amritsar and you are welcome in Bemisaal, the best restaurant in Amritsar!

Whenever we talk about Punjabi food the first thing that comes to mind is a strong smell of garlic and ginger being cooked with aromatic herbs and spices. The mere smell of flavours dwelling in each other can be sensed in the kitchens of the top restaurants in Amritsar.

Remember how Christopher Columbus set sail to find India because India was a land famous for its silk and spices? The same way if you are looking for the best non-veg food and a fun filled dine in the best dining restaurant in Amritsar then all you need to do is walk in Bemisaal to treat your taste buds. Especially, if it’s seafood cooked in Punjabi style, it is a heavenly bliss of deliciousness all over your mind from the best restaurant in Amritsar! The following are the cuisines served in the best dining restaurant in Amritsar, Bemisaal.

Fish Finger

The fish finger is a delicious delicacy made from whitefish, it is crispy on the outside and it’s contrasting yet extra juicy core. Best served with some tea and mint mayonnaise, on a rainy evening with friends or loved ones! You don’t necessarily have to have it on a rainy evening, you can have it as starters for dinner or simply as snacks at any time of the day!

Since fish fries are made from white fish for example cod, hake, haddock or pollock which are rich in proteins and vitamin B complexes which are good for muscles and would not cause you to put on weight.

Fish Fried

Fish deep fried in boiling hot vegetable oil with basil leaves and coated with a spice as easy as turmeric can simply change the way you look at a fish. Don’t be fooled by how the fish is fried, the fried fish is served with an irresistibly tasty gravy! This delicacy is a perfect fit for dinner with your family. To get the best taste out of it, eat it with some smoked zeera rice.

You’re very welcome to have it in Bemisaal!

Fish Tikka

Made from large boneless fish, fish tikka is a treat that can refresh your mood after a tiring day at work! This healthy appetizer barbecued with crispy and crunchy veggies along with juicy fish is a healthy and mouthwatering combination that everyone wants to have at the end of a stressful day.

We bet at Bemisaal that you won’t be able to waste a single bit of it!

Fish Malai Tikka

A supreme combination of Punjabi tadka over sea food. Fish grilled with cream cheese, hot green chillies, flavourful garlic and ginger, a dash of coriander stem chopped finely, cardamon and many more ingredients that will playfully entangle your taste buds with the joy of eating!

Does that make you hungry for some fish malai tikka? How about you just walk in, Bemisaal with some friends and order this dish with some garlic butter naan and enjoy!

Fish Peri Peri

The best your connoisseur tongue can do is get a taste of Fish Peri Peri. It is not just an ordinarily cooked fish, the exotic taste and aroma of lemongrass and cumin seeds along with a delicious sauce made out of well-cooked garlic and ginger along with tomato and many more ingredients. You will turn into a food cognoscenti once you get a taste of Fish Peri Peri!

Fish Peri Peri with lemon coriander rice is a great combination for a meal!


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