Punjab di Shaan-Chicken

Punjab di Shaan-Chicken

Punjab is always known for their undying love for chicken and taken pride in their rich heritage of wonderful Murg Dishes and after accompanying it with a big glass of lassi, A Punjabi is unstoppable.

Amritsar is a city full of colours and filled with the zest for life and the biggest reason for this glamouring from the city is due to its zingy and spicy dishes. The colours of their Phulkari dupattas and Pagdis and their welcoming and warm hearts can also be seen in their food preparation. Punjabi food has proven itself best not only in India but also to the rest of the world. And the reason is always CHICKEN!

Although, you do not have to hesitate to savour chicken in Amritsar as the streets are filled with the most flavoursome Chicken in the whole world. But, there are few fine dining places where we could eat Chicken Dishes which we have never DéjàVu-ed.

One of such places is Bemisaal Fine Dine, It is well renowned for having chicken which does justice to the restaurant’s name.

Chicken is always heavenly, Be it in gravy, or in Biryani or the classic tandoor. Yes ! the conglomerates with bearded men and clowns can say Adios! Punjabis rock here as well.

Here are some dishes we ought to try when we visit the best restaurant in Amritsar– Bemisaal Fine Dine.

  • Chicken Tikka Masala-the dynamic duo

Did you know that Chicken tikka masala is the national dish of UK? Yes, the glory! The reason for its fame is due to the fact that it’s the world’s best Chicken tikka with world’s best Chicken gravy. If you are a connoisseur of Indian food, Chicken tikka will never disappoint you, No matter where you eat it in Amritsar. However, Bemisaal restaurant offers you delicious preparation with tender chicken and tangy gravy with a special palate of spices which can only be found in Punjabi cuisine.

  • The Homie Chicken Tandoori

Tandoori chicken dates back to the Mughal era.The marinade of yoghurt and spices to chicken make it perfectly infused to be grilled in a clay oven called tandoor.The earthiness and spice of tandoori murgh connect you to the very core of the soils of Amritsar.

It has a Melange of smokey spice on the exterior with tenderness and juiciness on the inside. It gives you the heavenly balance of both flavours and the company of the Pudine ki chutney makes us feel an eternal bliss tingling in your tastebuds.

Luckily, The tandoors of Bemisaal and hands of the chefs who prepare tandoori murgh have always proven to have a magic which cannot be found anywhere else in Amritsar.

  • Utterly Butter Chicken

Punjabis have always been proud of their excessive use of dairy in all their food preparations, thanks to the prosperity of the state. However, Butter Chicken is a pride to the whole country. It is the most famous Indian dish in the world.The gravy infused with butter and tender chicken fillets accompanying with butter roti or butter naan makes it highly irresistible to the watering mouth.

Its smooth buttery taste with fewer spices makes it famous amongst the foreigners who want to have a taste of Indian food and the children who only have one definition of Chicken-Butter Chicken!

Chicken is marinated overnight and cooked in tomato and cream.The admiration for this dish remains exactly the same in whole India, from north to south.To those tourists, especially foreigners who want to enjoy Indian taste and don’t want to take risks can straightway head to Bemisaal fine dine one of the best dining restaurants in Amritsar.

  • Sabse Sayani- Chicken Biryani

Rice is the only common element in all the culinary preparation all over the world. In a way, it is a soul food which connects the world together. Similarly, Chicken biryani is a layered treat made with roasted chicken, whole spices and fried onions and potatoes connect India together and Amritsar is the boss of good chicken biryani in India.

If we visit Amritsar, It is mandatory to enjoy this soulful and delightful preparation. Luckily, unaware as we are of the best Biryani in Amritsar, Bemisaal comes to the rescue as one of the top restaurants in Amritsar with the best biryani infused with rich spices and tender chicken.

  • Chicken Peri-Peri, A cousin from abroad

A few years back India was introduced by the Afro-Portuguese flavour of Peri-Peri and now it has made its home in Indo-Continental preparation. Amritsar is also no stranger to the magic of this new and exciting flavour and has inculcated it into their cuisine.

Bemisaal offers the best Peri-Peri Chicken in Amritsar and it is also a chef special.This proves the absorbing and innovating nature of Indians, curiosity for new flavours and love for versatile food.

Bemisaal is one of the best fine-dine experiences in Amritsar along with amazing food quality and service and are best servers of famous Punjabi Murg dishes.

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