Paneer to the rescue!

Paneer to the rescue!

If we gossip about the most famous Indian dishes, how can we not speak of Paneer?

Paneer is much like cottage cheese, just an Indian version of it. Its existence trails back to our Vedas, giving us chills down the spine. So if you are wondering that Paneer has been mouth-watering people ever since the historical eras, you are probably right!

Since we are talking about the most famous eatery, being the most famous restaurant in Amritsar, we offer you a variety of Paneer dishes ranging from Kadhai paneer to paneer tikka, further moving on to paneer parantha, paneer naan and what not. We bet no one can serve a paneer so delicious just as we do! After all, we stand proudly in the list of the best restaurants in Amritsar!

The eatery’s name is said to have originated from Persian region and seems to be famous in Afghanistan, Pakistan and India. In various parts of India, the fat cottage cheese, a.k.a paneer, is also tagged as chhena!

Paneer also proves to be essential and healthy for our diets! Want to know why? Here you go!

  • Paneer, as popularly known by all, is a very significant source of proteins for humans, further helping in healing body and repairing body tissues.
  • Indian cheese helps in strengthening our tooth, giving them a life that they deserve!
  • Proteins mostly form our nails and hair, so an increase in paneer consumption will also take care of those luscious hair locks of yours.
  • If you are planning on staying fit, cutting down on your diet and getting into shape, there is simply nothing better than the intake of paneer as it helps in burning down fat and hence serving as your fitness assistant!
  • Since it doesn’t let the fat accumulate in your body, not even your arteries, it helps in preventing the growth of oncogenes (cancer-causing cells) and other deadly diseases.

Contributing to a variety of dishes including Sandesh, Palak Paneer, Shahi paneer, the item stands strong to bag the award for the most loved food item in India (especially for vegetarians)!

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Palak paneer (also called as saag paneer), a variation of paneer, works the best in winters and finds its authentic way back to Punjabi origin. Giving all the desi feels, the dish rocks Indian cuisine! For the mouth-watering experience of this desi cottage cheese dish, you can drop into the most famous restaurant in Amritsar i.e, us!!

Not just the Indian dishes, but also the pizzas these days are overloaded by paneer, making it all the more special. To spice up your lives, we are going to enlist top 3 paneer dishes for you to try at home!

Shahi Paneer:

This dish reflecting ‘shahi thaath‘, as in royalty, is made from dry fruits, spices, yoghurt and paneer cubes. A paste of cashew and dry fruits is made, with some added cream and spices & veggies, with diced paneer on the flame. The dish is simmered for a while and then garnished with coriander, ginger and cream, then relished hot.

Palak Paneer:

The dish is more like paneer dropped raw in spinach curry and cooked. Fresh spinach is heated with basic veggies including onions and tomatoes, further saute in garlic-ginger paste with added spices. To this fusion, paneer cubes are added, cooked and served hot!

Kadai Paneer:

The dish comes in various versions including the dry version, the semi-dry and the gravy Kadai paneer. The spicy food item is cooked in ginger-garlic paste, with Kashmiri red chillies, veggies including capsicum, onions and tomatoes, with paneer serving as the best element in the dish. It is very famous for foodies all over the globe, especially for the ones fond of spicy and delicious food.

Paneer, much likely to be called as Indian tofu has helped us enhance our menus and treating our buds with high-protein diet often.

If you are one of the lazy couch potatoes, fond of eating but not cooking, why not book a table by opting for online reservation restaurants in Amritsar, and just have best of all food at Bemisaal, with us? Or you can also go for online food delivery in Amritsar and vanquish your cravings for the Indian cottage fat cheese dishes, Paneer dishes! So the next time you say paneer, make sure you do not underrate the royal food item.

Actually one can easily use paneer as a synonym for health or happiness; or both! So are you coming to ‘Say Paneeeeeeer’?

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