Food Trip to Amritsar

Food Trip to Amritsar

The flavour of India is usually recognised with the Punjabi Food. When somebody talks about North Indian cuisine, the food that instantly comes to mind is the rich and utterly-butterly delicious Punjabi Cuisine. Amritsar is undoubtedly the food capital of Punjab where you find all the fantastic food in one place.

Amritsar is not only home to the iconic Golden Temple but is also home to some iconic food items. Everything in the city of Amritsar revolves around food be it socialising, prayer meetings or festivals . The city bustles with gourmets serving delicacies in every street. Whenever you happen to crave for some amazing, sumptuous food , take a food trip to Amritsar and home satisfied.

Langar Food

The food served in langars is absolutely out of this world. The food is simple but super delicious and the love with which the food is served increases its taste manifolds. If you want to taste the true flavour of Amritsar, there is no better place than the Golden Temple to start with. Your taste buds would be content with the meal served at the langar but that doesn’t mean you miss out on the khara prasad on your way out.

Street Food

Everybody in Delhi boasts about the chola-bhatura and paronthe in the old city; but if you ever want to figure out the origin of these delicacies, wander in the streets of Amritsar. The street food in Amritsar takes on a different level of foodgasm. From the chicken corners in Amritsar to the popular food places in Amritsar, street food is the heart of the culinary city.

The Chicken

Some of the best chicken dishes of the country have originated from here. The best non-veg restaurants in Amritsar serve some unique chicken dishes like the Murgh Malaiwala and the Amritsari Chicken curry. We happen to chance upon this place – Bemisaal restaurant, which serves delicious food and falls under the category of the best non-veg restaurants in Amritsar.

Sarson Ka Saag Makke ki Roti

The best vegetarian restaurants in Amritsar serve the best sarson ka saag and makke ki roti. And as it is said – ‘when in Punjab, act like a Punjabi’; grab a plate of this delightful food-item and be satiated for life. Also, a spoonful of homemade butter will only make your experience splendid. The restaurants in Amritsar along with sarson ka saag and makke ki roti also serve some other vegetarian delicacies. Visit some famous food places in Amritsar to experience some authentic Amritsari food.

Amritsari Kulcha

The world famous Amritsari Kulcha is the heart of Amritsari food. The butter dipped Kulcha stuffed with potato and other vegetables with take your taste buds on a trip to heaven. The maida bread baked in tandoor is a speciality in Amritsar. The Amritsari Kulchas are so delicious that you can have them for all your meals of the day. The Kulchas are served with sliced onions, chutney and chana masala to make the experience all the more amazing. Some of the top restaurants in Amritsar include the Bemisaal that serves the best Kulchas in Amritsar.

Lassi and Chaas

After having plates and plates of delicious food, what is left to try is Amritsari lassi and chaas. One glass of the rich Amritsari lassi is enough to satisfy your hunger for a meal. The lassi is full of dry fruits and cream which makes is lavish and palatable. On the other hand, after a full meal a glass of chaas gives you the power to digest the extravagant punjabi meal. We suggest you have that chaas with every meal so that you are ready to grab another plate full of awesomeness. The Bemisaal restaurant is among the best restaurants in Amritsar that serve some amazing lassi.

The food trip to Amritsar is an experience of its own kind. The dhabas along the highway prep you for the awesomeness you would experience if the food city. From the best dinner places in Amritsar to the online food delivery in Amritsar, all serve some great delicacies. So, all we would say is do not miss your chance to enjoy the amazing food trail. Grab your car keys and set on the journey that would only leave you craving more for the food city.


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