Ek Cup Coffee…

Ek Cup Coffee…

Who doesn’t love coffee, even we Indians with our expertise in tea farming have developed a love for coffee which tea cannot replace. Fortunately, you do not have to worry about where to find the best coffee in the city. Bemisaal Restaurant is one of the best coffee places one could visit and relish the coffee made by best baristas in Amritsar.

Be it a romantic date or after a hard nap, Coffee always comes to the rescue.

The Coffee makes our time with people we love meaningful, It brings zest to all the old conversations and same stories repeated which remain in the walls of a café.

Once in our lives, we all have spent hours sitting in the college canteen chit-chatting with friends for hours with a cup of coffee in our hands. But it was okay because we were there to have coffee and the time was well-spent.

The warmth of one cup of cappuccino between two people mended relationships many times,

A hit of caffeine in the mornings have saved many days for the people, All those cold mornings become tolerable due to a hot cup of coffee.

Even if, the hilly areas of South India are famous for its exclusive coffee grown in shades rather than direct sunlight, the whole India is the fan of this wonderful tradition of coffee. It is little because of the taste or aroma of the coffee, It is the trend which influenced Indians to love coffee.

Have you ever heard anyone going on a Tea date?

Making its way from South Indians breakfast tables in the form of filter coffee or Kaapi to the tables of the cafés with two-hand holding lovers, to rushing through the house with a to-go cup of coffee. We all made coffee our lifeline!

Amritsar is no different to this trendsetting beverage. And one of the best places to have coffee of all sorts is Bemisaal- Fine dining.

Bemisaal Restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Amritsar with good ambience making it appropriate for families, students to couples in love.

And one thing that seals the deal for all these people is the range of coffees Bemisaal have to offer.

Coffee is bae which comes in different shades, some of them are served by Bemisaal- Fine Dine.

  • The Caffeine addict-Espresso.

This coffee saves the day for all the ambitious and workaholic people. The absence of milk and method of preparation being drip method has become a lifeline for many dreamers.

  • The Romeo Cappuccino.

Cappuccino is one drink which has saved many breakups, said many goodbyes and helped to go through on the first date without a panic attack!

It contains an equal amount of espresso, foamed drain and steamed drain. With a tinge of chocolate, vanilla or hazelnut You’d never forget the date.

Luckily, you don’t have to worry about where to get the best cappuccino in Amritsar as the skilled baristas of Bemisaal- Fine Dine will never let you forget the Aroma and Taste of Cappuccino.

  • Cafe mocha-to those deal breakers.

We always have that one friend who does not understand our love for coffee and always keep saying how coffee is bitter. This coffee is for them.

This coffee contains hot milk and coffee with chocolate or cocoa powder which gives the coffee a chocolatey and sweet taste.

So, when you go to Bemisaal to relish their coffee, tell that one friend of yours to shut up and have one cafe mocha.

  • Cafe latte- To those timid ones.

It contains three to one milk and coffee ratio. It is a light and warm type of coffee which can be relished by those who cannot handle the strong taste of coffee.We would suggest visiting Bemisaal for a good taste of cafe latte for the first-timers.

  • The misfit -Cafe frappe.

This is a greek preparation of coffee with foam, ice and instant coffee.This coffee is perfect for all those who have a different definition of coffee and enjoy it cold rather than hot.This coffee becomes a perfect fit for the excruciating heat of Amritsar.

Bemisaal, cater to these misfits by having one of the best baristas in Amritsar making best cafe frappe.

  • Hot chocolate- The final fix

This drink is perfect for those who have tried all sorts of coffees and have not settled on one type. It is made with heavy half and half cream and Cocoa.

The best Hot chocolate in Amritsar have to be Bemisaal due to the magical hands which prepare drinks not only for the coffee lovers but also to some not so coffee lovers too and their hot chocolate makes us remember our childhood memories.

We find Coffee lovers everywhere in India, Amritsar is no different. Bemisaal restaurant is best for those locales and tourists who want to relish good quality coffee with good aroma and taste.


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