A To-eat list for Amritsar Travellers

A To-eat list for Amritsar Travellers

Amritsar is a city of colours, a true identity for versatile dressing and food items. Although it makes Amritsar one of the best cities of India due to its bold colours, innumerable food choices and friendly Punjabi people, the travellers might get overwhelmed by the range of choices kept before them.

However, when it comes to food, the mighty travellers do not need to worry about it as Bemisaal-Fine Dine is one of the best restaurants in Amritsar would welcome these guests and help them feel at home.

If you see the History of Punjabi cuisine, it has always made Indians as well as foreigners comfortable with its range of dishes and an adequate blend of spices and local produce.

Be it classic butter chicken with lassi or seasonal but worth a wait Sarso ka Saag with Makki ki roti has made Amritsar a destination for foodies from all over the world who come here to indulge themselves in new aromas and tastes.

However, It can be really scary for travellers in the new cities or to complete amateurs trying to be adventurous with their food. But here at Bemisaal- Fine Dine. These Adventures with new dishes would definitely turn good.

Nevertheless, The wide range of choices kept before you novices could be really confusing so here is the list of must-try food in Amritsar and when I say Amritsar I mean Bemisaal-Fine Dine

Best restaurant in Amritsar which defines Punjabi cuisine in the city.

  • Chicken Tandoori

Chicken Tandoori is a preparation made by marinating chicken for a few hours and slow roasting them in an earthen oven called tandoor.

It really gives the chicken its earthy and smokey flavour whilst maintaining the tenderness of the chicken on the inside.

This dish definitely represents an Indian version of barbecued chicken only tastier with a side of onions and pudiney ki chutney.

  • Paneer Tikka

This Dish is supposed to be a vegetarian version of Chicken Tandoori for Vegetarian tourists.

Instead of Chicken, Paneer that is basically cottage cheese is marinated in various spices and slow roasted in the tandoor.

  • Butter chicken

Butter chicken is one of the famous Indian dishes with chicken cooked in gravy with butter. This dish is recommended for those who cannot handle spicy food and still want to savour Indian food.

  • Naan

Naan is an Indian bread which could be eaten with chicken tandoori, all sorts of gravy and daals. It is essential to be eaten as the side with the main dish.

It is made with flour and spices and cooked in tandoor which makes it an exotic dish.

  • Masala Papad

Amritsar is famous for its papads i.e thin crisp disk-shaped snack made of daal and one should never leave Amritsar before having a taste of mouthwatering masala papad.

It can be ordered as a side with rest of the food and can be savoured before or during the meal.

  • Dal Makhani

Dal Makhani is a gravy of black lentils with butter and spices in it, it can be eaten with naan or with rice.

Dal Makhani is one of the best examples of “simplicity at its best”. With its simple recipe and palatable spices, it astonishes all the people who eat it, even Punjabis who eat it every day are speechless everytime by its unique taste.

These are thus few recipes which are perfect for the first timers experimenting with Punjabi cuisine.

It is always great to travel, especially in India where guests are treated with great priority. However, a holiday could be easily ruined if you don’t know where to eat and what to eat and you end up falling sick due to the absence of knowledge of the appetite and food quality.

It is necessary to ensure you eat good quality food but you don’t have to worry if you are absolutely unaware of the food in Amritsar as Bemisaal-Fine Dine is one of the finest and most trustworthy restaurants in Amritsar where locales, as well as tourists, can enjoy local cuisine with no worries.

Happy Holidays!

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