Coffee is the flavor of the season, ladies & gentlemen!

Coffee is the flavor of the season, ladies & gentlemen!

When days are not in your favour and time seems tough, it is only and only one thing which can help and support you through it all; Coffee!

Coffee is your ultimate life-partner! They will stay in all your ups and downs, in tough times and rough, in good days or bad, coffee will always stay. It is one of the most popular drinks in the world, one can say that the world runs not on 70% water and but 70% caffeine instead! (If you feel like witnessing true essence of coffee, step into best restaurants in Amritsar; Bemisaal, and you won’t be disappointed!)

People have inculcated it in their regular lives and routines! It keeps them going through the day. And it is ocassion-free slash hassle-free!

Feel like going on a date- Coffee saves the day!
Having a rough time- Coffee saves the day!
Want to pull an all-nighter for an exam or an office presentation- Coffee saves the day!

Coffee remains the ultimate saviour!
India is one of the world’s most noteworthy tea societies, yet it’s surely no outsider to the espresso bean. Kaapi is the bedrock of a South Indian breakfast, however, this espresso culture didn’t flourish until the point when the 1890s because of the British who guaranteed the spread of espresso estates all through South India. Thusly, sweet smooth kaapi turned out to be solidly dug in the Southern mind. In any case, many parts of India didn’t exactly take the refreshment up to this point, with the blooming of the bistro scene.

It is said that there are over six thousand types of coffees in the world! But we can surely discuss a few below! If we talk about coffee beans, there are majorly three types in which they are categorised which include:

1) Arabica Coffee Beans:

Wrapping around sixty percent of the world production, these beans are exotic and expensive too! The flavour one gets from these beans is delicate and is usually used as an add-on in other coffee-blends.

It consists of aromatic properties and is often tagged as a gourmet coffee.

2) Robusta Coffee Beans:

It is often named as a lower grade in coffees and was first discovered in Congo. It also consists of a high amount of caffeine and hence gives a natural kick in the coffee.

3) Kona Coffee Beans:

Grown in Hawaii, it is the most expensive coffee, even in comparison to Arabica. People usually don’t blend it with any other coffee as it is rare, exotic, aromatic and very desirable on its own.

This was all about coffee beans, now let us glance at the coffee types.

Black coffee:

It is a freshly brewed coffee, comparatively bitter in taste. It is made by drip method and served without milk.

Caffe Latte:

It is made with steamed milk and only one shot of espresso. This coffee is not frothed and the proportion from milk to coffee is 3 ratio 1.

Caffe Macchiato:

To start with, the proportion of milk to coffee is 4 ratio 1. It is similar to Cafe Latte but just more dilute in comparison.


This is a mix of equivalent parts of espresso, foamed drain, and steamed drain. Chipped chocolate or cinnamon is typically sprinkled on the best. Some bistros increment the amount of drain utilized with the goal that the client gets a greater container. This will influence the essence of espresso to lighter than it ought to be.

Cafe Mocha:

Caffè mocha depends on coffee and hot milk, however with included chocolate, normally as sweet cocoa powder, albeit numerous assortments utilize chocolate syrup. Mochas can contain dull or dark chocolate.

Hazelnut Cappuccino:

Hazelnut cappuccino is very similar to a cappuccino, just with added hazelnut tint and flavour to it!

Vanilla Cappuccino:

With a subtle hint of vanilla, with same proportions as a cappuccino, this coffee is made. It is quite a throb in youngsters nowadays.

As you roam the world, you’ll discover a bundle of various espresso drinks. A large portion of these depends on the coffee, which is made when bubbling water is constrained, under strain, through espresso beans. The coffee has three particular parts – its dim paunch, a lighter centre layer, both of which are delegated by the crema (froth).

Coffees are an integral part of many living around the globe. So if you feel like tasting the best of coffees, visit Bemisaal, the best restaurant in Amritsar, without any hesitation! And sip into the world fo haven and magic!

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