Cause Chicken is Bae

Cause Chicken is Bae

Amritsar is a city that resonates love and by love, we mean love in all aspects- love for dance, for music, for beauty and above all the love for chicken. Punjabis have always honoured with the title of ‘foodies’ and in every way, they have justified it. Their undying love for food has proved to be a blessing for us, the common folks and in turn, we have been blessed with the food city – Amritsar. The Amritsaris’ love for chicken in unmatchable; they have come up with such delicacies that even the sight of them can make you hungry. You can find some amazing chicken rolls at some of the best chicken corners in Amritsar and not just that some of the best non-veg restaurants in Amritsar serve unique delicacies of chicken.

Obviously, there is no one way of eating chicken and the folks from Amritsar prove that theory right. Here, we give you a list of five items that would only enhance your love for the much-loved chicken:

  1. The yummilicious Butter Chicken

If you have not tried this delicacy in Punjab, the food lover in you is not going to forgive you ever. Butter Chicken is the first step towards being a true foodie. Amritsar is loaded with places that have the potential to serve you the best Butter Chicken of your life. When the marinated chicken is roasted and mixed with cream and spices, what you get is a recipe that blows your mind away. If you want to try the best chicken in Amritsar head straight to Bemisaal. And, after that one plate, you are a regular diner.

  1. The authentic Punjabi Chicken Curry

The name itself is enough to make your stomach growl with hunger. All the restaurants in Amritsar serve this curry and obviously claim to be the best. But, if you want to find the best restaurants in Amritsar to satiate your desire for chicken curry, Bemisaal does it the best. It is one of the famous restaurants in Amritsar that serve you the best plate of chicken curry with some amazing dining experience.

  1. The mouthwatering Chicken Biryani

We know nobody can beat the Hyderabadi Dum Biryani. It is absolutely finger-licking good. But if the Hyderabadis take pride in their Mutton Biryani, the Punjabis master the art of Chicken Biryani. The combination of chicken with the flavours of the spices in Biryani is enough to bring joy in the world full of sorrow. And, if you ask a famous restaurant in Amritsar to try Biryani, we are going to lead your way ourselves to Bemisaal. We are called the Biryani Experts in Amritsar for some reason.

  1. The mandatory Chicken Lollipop

Ask any Punjabi and he would tell you the relevance of Chicken Lollipop. Though Punjabis don’t believe only in starters, they just welcome food in any form and love it. Chicken Lollipop is the best amalgamation of desi fusion. The roasted chicken wrapped in aromatic spices. When the flavours of this amazing delicacy reach your nostrils, it only increases your craving to grab those tiny pieces of heaven. To enjoy the best chicken lollipop, there is a whole list of best non-veg restaurants in Amritsar. Try some of the famous restaurants in Amritsar to get a piece of heaven right in your mouth.

  1. The customary Tandoori Chicken

Can you even think of returning from Amritsar without trying the famous Tandoori Chicken? We are sure you would have tried Tandoori Chicken on every street of your city but what we are talking here is entirely a different experience. To experience true Punjab, it is mandatory lick your fingers while nibbling on the irresistible Tandoori Chicken. You can have a nice plate of Tandoori Chicken at any chicken corner in Amritsar. There are loads of famous food places in Amritsar but Tandoori Chicken is a staple and you have the liberty to try it wherever you want. But, if you don’t want to take a risk, try Tandoori Chicken at Bemisaal.

Bemisaal is one of the best non-veg restaurants in Amritsar, and you are sure to have some amazing food experience.



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