Biryani driving us crazy ever since its existence!

Biryani driving us crazy ever since its existence!

Biryani; We know what comes to your mind when you hear it, ‘lazeez’, right? After all, everyone usually associates ‘delicious’ with biryani! And why shouldn’t they? It is totally worth it.

Biryani is an Asian cuisine, better known as the dish of the Kings and Gods, in India. It is considered as a royal food item.  Biryani was a part of Mughal’s food culture if we go back in time. And India (as we know) has been quite accepting when it comes to people and culture of various places and hence accepting Biryani with open arms too.

Being one of the best dining restaurants in Amritsar, we would love to enlighten you about the King’s dish, it is cooked with basmati, raw meat and spices are best found in Hyderabad (falling under the category of kutchi biryani), to be precise. But by the medium of communication channels and internet, the recipe now floats all across the country and is easily accessible in any part of India (lucky for you foodies!).

(Just saying- we are one of the most famous restaurants in Amritsar, just come to us when your buds crave a Biryani, and we will make sure we leave Mughals behind! *winks*)



A fragrant delectable meal made from rice is actually a very special form of heaven for taste buds and hence should be cooked very carefully. There are three major rules to follow while making a Biryani, which would make it utterly delicious. And those rules enlisted below:

– It is essential for the spices including the vegetables to be first cooked in oil before adding anything else to it. It would allow the spices and veggies to bloom completely, spreading their significant aroma and characteristics right in the oil. So the next time you think of cooking a Biryani, remember cooking in oil is very very important before adding anything cold, or yoghurt in it.

– If you are all about the meat in the Biryani, you might as well learn to cook it well. Biryani consists of marinated meat, which again, should not be cooked for a thirty-minute time span as it would only make the meat not-so-tender. Instead, you should focus on letting the meat cook on a low flame (or on simmer) for around an hour at least.

– Adding spices to the rice won’t enhance its beauty, you should go for partially cooked rice instead, and add some spice-oil to them while you are still preparing to cook them fully.

Considering these three golden rules, you will be able to not only heighten the flavour and taste of your Biryani but also the aroma that accompanies it. Now you know why it is known as God’s dish, eh!

(Also, you can totally be lazy these winters and order this God’s dish by our online food delivery in Amritsar and relish it while everyone goes out looking for food, ending up freezing in the weather!)

Usually, the yummy Biryani of ours (yes, ours, because we are one of the finest and top restaurants in Amritsar, duh!), is coupled with a mirch salan or yoghurt (desi translation: dahi!).

Lucknowi biryani (also known as biryani/ pukki biryani) is also catching an eye these days, and well, it has earned its position, so it is okay, we suppose.

Derived from a Persian term “beryan” meaning fried, the Biryani ranges from a greasy one to the dry one. Lately, there have been a lot of variations in biryani too, starting right from pea’s biryani moving on to mutton biryani, chicken biryani and lastly vegetarian biryani (ironical, though!).

Having the online food delivery in Amritsar (and Amritsar being the hub of Punjabi’s who prefer chicken any day), we would recommend you to order some and see for yourself that which type of biryani is ‘your’ type of biryani. If we feel like strolling by, you can also visit us by getting yourself tagged in online reservation restaurant in Amritsar at Bemisaal.

Anyway, moving ahead and clearing some of your myths about biryani (because people have many, really!), we are glad to unravel that a biryani is NOT a pulao (oh, for God’s sake!), it is much spicier and different than a usual pulao. Pulao is not stacked with ingredients, vegetables and spices as much as a biryani is. In short, biryani is much spicier and full of ingredients (and aroma), than a pulao. Biryani is more like ‘Sharmaji ka beta” as we Indians would like to put it (Sharmaji ka beta is better than everyone else, just so you know).

Since we totally can see you drooling over the screens, with those mouths watering like anything over biryani, we remind you that we are there for you (and biryani is there too!),

so if you want to just drop by to have lunch or dinner (constituting the best of Biryani) in the most famous restaurant in Amritsar (us, of course!), then you are more than welcome!

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