A Guide to Five Course Meal

A Guide to Five Course Meal

When it comes to food, we as Bemisaal happen to be one of the best restaurants in Amritsar and therefore, make no compromises in the world of delectable taste and eateries! Foodies who stay glued to our blogs must show a little more excitement as they scroll through this one because we are going to take a tour of the best thing happening to you, which undoubtedly is; a five-course meal!

A five-course meal is a full-fledged meal including five courses, as the name already reflects (One can also have 6,7 and 8-course meal, depending on the preference and culture).

The first-course

The first and the foremost course is traditionally to be eaten in one go and usually excites your hunger even more. It can consist of small bites or dumplings, cheese cubes, if you talk of Indian culture, it can also include kababs, paneer-tikka etc.

One can also call the first-course meal as ‘appetizers’. Appetizers originally mean to increase or heighten your appetite, which they are, indeed, good at!

The second-course

Course two often stands for liquified dishes, most preferably soups, including sweet corn, thick tomato, hot and sour, mushroom soup and many more. Soups lay a warm layer in your stomach, preparing you for what is to come to next, that is dinner!

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Not digressing, soups create a balance of fats, carbohydrates, and proteins in your body along with tempting you to pounce on the upcoming course. They can also keep you healthy and in good shape if opted for.

The third-course

Third-course meals include salads.  Salads remain to be one of the essential courses of a meal. Salads nourish your body with lots of fiber and antioxidants which further protect your body from external damage and ruptures. Salads also manage to cut fats and calories in your body. (Oh, one must add them to their list of favorites, by now!)

The third-course can also include hot and steamed vegetables, at times, depending on the culture of the place and the restaurant.

The fourth-course

It is called as the entrèe by some, but most commonly, in layman terms, it is termed as the main course. Us being Indians have our sabzi, dal, roti etc. for the main meal while some have chicken, fish etc., again, depending on the cultures!

The fifth-course

The fifth and last course has to be the desserts! The one we all crave and wish were the main course instead, right foodies? Dessert is derived from a French term which originally means to clean the table, depicting that dessert are supposed to be the last course of the meal.

A Chinese five-course meal

Now, since we are pretty much done with the introduction of a five-course meal, we are ready to dive into the details of a Chinese five-course meal and an Indian five-course meal.


The appetizer of a Chinese full-fledged meal would include an appetizer like Baby corn chilly, paneer chilly, exotic vegetables, mushroom chilly etc.


As the second-course usually includes soups, Chinese’s second-course includes hot and sour, manchow soup etc.


Salads mark the third-course of Chinese cuisine.


Now comes the main course consisting of Exotic curries, Manchurian gravy, noodles, and rice etc.

Fifth course

The last course is tagged by the desserts, which involve, Tiramisu, brownies, ice-cream etc.

This was all about a Chinese Cuisine and its five-course meal.  

Indian five-course meal

Moving onto Indian Cuisines, is nothing less than a royalty, indeed.

The meal starts with the first-course, being the appetizer, including veg soya malai tikka, paneer tikka achaari, veg seekh kabab etc.

Moving onto the second course, consisting of veg talumein soup, veg cream of mushroom, veg sweet corn soup etc. Warm your insides with the hot soups, which are further going to lead you into the third-course, that is salads and papad. Nurturing your body with some carbohydrates, antioxidants, fat-cutting agents, one dives into the main course including the main dishes like Kadhai Paneer, Paneer Pasanda, Dal Makhani, Mushroom Masala, Malai Kofta, Chana Masala, Mix veg paired with Indian breads.

Last but not the least desserts top our list of yummiest eateries. The last and fifth-course elaborate into Vanilla ice cream, Strawberry, Chocolate, Butterscotch ice cream etc.

Covering five-course meals of Chinese and Indian Cuisines, we are sure you must be tempted and bent to taste them all.

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May the food be with you!

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