5 Fish Appetizers to Fun-Grill your Sunday Lunch

5 Fish Appetizers to Fun-Grill your Sunday Lunch

Sunday is one of the most awaiting days throughout the week as on this day, everyone wants to rest and take the amazing feeling of being served at Home via doorstep delivery of delicious food. Sunday lunch is totally unfilled without a Fish Appetizer.

More often than not, online food delivery in Amritsar consists of numerous of Fish Appetizers which are enriched with spices and an outstanding combination of add-ons. Foodies are free to add the following 5 Fish Appetizers in Sunday meal to make it healthy and delicious.

Alongside, why not make Sunday a day to walk on the healthy road when research speaks that eating Fish is a proven source of lowering the risk of heart issues, children’s growth and mental development and improvement of production of happy hormones in the body.

These are not the limited benefits of Fish Appetizers, there are many others? Chefs are suggested to enrich the fish dishes with vegetables and healthy food ingredients in order to benefit the foodie’s body, mind and grant hunger satisfaction at best. Take a glimpse at 5 Fish Appetizers to Fun grill your Sunday Lunch—

Fish Finger—Snacky meal

Fish Finger is one of the outstanding Sunday meals that you can opt for when you get out of bed and feels the urge to eat something tasty and stomach full. In some places, Fish fingers are also prominently acknowledged as Fish Sticks.

Indeed, this Fish Appetizer is quite corresponding to French fries, however, the only difference is Fish fingers are quite thick and potatoes are replaced by Fish. In noteworthy of mentioning, the outer impression of Fish fingers could be different as per the chefs’ way or choice of preparing the Dish, however, the taste and the recipe remains pretty same.

Bread Crumbs and Corn Flour are the two main ingredients despite “Fish.” The fish could be Seer.

Fried Fish—absolute Meal

Fried Fish refers to a Fish Appetizer that is prepared from deep frying Fish and serving it with slices of lemons and sauces. More often, before the frying process, the fish is wrapped in flours, herbs, and spice for a mixed taste and disguise the dish from the fish finger.

The outer appearance of Fried Fish Appetizer could be different in different countries. Online order in Amritsar contains fried Fish from Bemisaal Fine Dine Chef’s special. Fried fish is usually crispy characteristically and also, served with gravy.

Hence, this appetizer is eatable with non-light food additions such as rice. In the south side of India, the fried fish is served with Tamarind Rasam. In the context of online food ordeAmritsaritsar, fried fish is also found-able as Amritsari Fish.

Fish Tikka—the healthiest fish Appetizer

Fish Tikka is one of the healthiest Fish Appetizer as it does not contain any oil and add-ons and thus, all the nutrients present in fish are effortlessly passed to the body and mind for health benefits. Fish Tikka is cook-able through direct gas stake and in Oven as well.

Both ways are equally healthy and quick. More often than not, boneless fishes are required to make Fish tikka, it makes the process less time-consuming. The good part is Fish Tikka does not require any additional fancy ingredient for taste or representation (impressive serving).

Today, Fish Tikka is easily found-able in the menus of Doorstep delivery restaurants in Amritsar and other locations. Maximum cooking time for fish tikka is 20 minutes. In noteworthy of mentioning, the use of corn flour or any wrapping is optional.

Fish Peri Peri—Shallow fried Crisp Fish Appetizer

Peri Peri Fish is one of the spicy fish recipes to make your Sunday Meal. More often, the casual fried fish with a similar flavour all the way on the table may bore the foodie and does not satisfy the craving for different food on the holiday.

Thus, peri peri fish is the fish appetizer that contains the different flavours. Usually, the dish appears red in colour and tempts the foodie in the first place. Also, this fish appetizer is quickly cook-able as it takes maximum 7 minutes for cooking.

Unlike other fish appetizers, fish peri peri is only shallow fried and therefore, an outstanding crisp is observable when served. The dish is highly popular in online food order in Amritsar for fish snacks or appetizers in Amritsar among tourists.

Fish in Black Bean Sauce—Saucy fish meal

Fish in Black Bean Sauce is the only sauce and delicious fish appetizers that one can opt to fun grill the Sunday meal. The dish is enriched with the use of black beans, sauces, capsicum, cornstarch, and black pepper to give a salty yet sweet flavour to the dish. Chefs can feel free to add-on vegetables as per brainstorming and cooking confidence. The dish is famous among the locals of Amritsar in the category of online food order in Amritsar.

“Go Online, Order, And Eat!”


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